Cash Register System
Grocery Store with 3-8K scanning items (Scale/Scanner System).....from  $1,395.00
From 5- 14K scanning items (Scale/Scanner system).....from  $2,350.00
from 5-65k scanning items (scale/scanner System.........from  $2,500.00
Touch Screen system with Scale/Scanner.........Call for pricing.
P.O.S with scale/scanner, basic system ........from  $1,800.00
Casio TE-8500F
A supermarket needs extended functionality, easy operation and low maintenance.
Scanning capabilities are a must, along with an integrated scale.
Back-Office software is recommended along with a register system.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-8500
Recommended Scanner: Metrologic MS7320
Recommended Scale: Cas PD-1
CAS PD-1 Scale
We offer the Digi SM300, CAS LPII, Ishida AC3000, Astra, and  the EasyWeigh LS 100.
Customizing thermal labels is the most requested feature on a scale, especially in a
bakery. ESSA Electronics can customize your label.
A meat market is usually a very busy place. A reliable scale with a large PLU memory is needed, along
with a register integrated with the meat department, or in the front of the store.

Recommended Scale: DIGI SM300
Recommended Register: Sharp A-450T
Restaurant cash registers can be expensive, but five terminals using the CASIO TE 8500
and networked with 3 kitchen printers starts at.....$8,000.00.
A night club system online with 8 registers ranges from........$5,600.00
Casio TE-8500F
A restaurant will need reliable inventory control and a range of features that only
a high-end cash register can offer, such as split check, menu levels and pull-down groups.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-8500F
Convenience Store
A convenience store needs sales control by item.
A scanner will  save valuable time and make everyday transactions simple.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-2400
Recommended Scanner: Metrologic MS9520
MS 9520 Scanner
A taqueria runs efficiently with a flexible program. Sales tracking and detailed reports are
necessary. A second register may be needed for a busy store. These two registers can work
online and you can work efficiently from either one.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-8500
A beauty salon requires sales control by item. When a report is taken, it provides a detailed list of all operator
sales and transactions during a certain period of time.  
Beauty Salons with detailed reporting for each operator and detail total........from......$449.00

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-2200
A nightclub needs an efficient and easy to use system. A bright display will work effectively in a dark setting.
Extended functionality will keep your business running smoothly.
Consider a state-of-the-art touchscreen that can do more for your business than ever before.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio QT-6600
A liquor store can work efficiently with a scanner and a high-end cash
register to keep track of your sales.

Recommended Cash Register: Casio TE-2200
Liquor Control
If you own a bar, you probably need a way to keep track of how much liquor you sell.
Keep track of every pour with
wireless liquor inventory control,
watch every pour in real time through the Internet.
Call 713-726-0055 for more information.
Liquor Control
Liquor Store
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