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We sell, service and repair electronic cash registers, scales, scanners, peripheral devices and much more.
Video surveillance is a top priority and we provide integration with most cash registers and point-of-sale systems
so that you can see actual transactions taking place in your business in real-time. We can show you how your register
system can integrate with video surveillance.

ESSA Electronics has served the greater Houston area for over 20 years. Electronic services are our specialty and our
experience allows us to sell the products and services that fit our customer's needs with quality and desired performance.

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Edgar Rivera,
ESSA Electronics has provided electronic sales and service for cash registers, digital scales, point-of-sale
systems, and peripheral devices since 1986. We worked with grocery stores, supermarkets, meat markets, delis,
liquor stores, restaurants, taquerias, bakeries, beauty salons, night clubs and more.

From ringing up sales on a cash register to tracking your sales through back office software, ESSA Electronics
can help your business perform more efficiently. Visit the page
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recommendations for your particular business.
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We offer only the best equipment and qualified electronics services to the market:
Your business deserves electronic products that match your hard work and performance.
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