The TE-2200 (raised keyboard $369.00),and TE-2400 (flat keyboard, $379.00)
offer an affordable machine for retail, scanning and hospitality operations.

The TE-2200/2400 offer two serial COM ports for PC, modem, scanner, external printer,
liquor/coin dispenser and credit/debit interfaces. A built-in two-station thermal printer with
graphic logo and watermark  printing provides a professional receipt for customers.

Flexible software features such as guest check tracking, scanning, backing up program
and sales data to a compact flash card, make it an excellent machine for small and
medium sized businesses.
--58mm wide thermal printers
Graphic logo and watermark, compressed printing for journal printing, printing speed of
14 lines/second.
Drop-in paper loading for easy paper replacement.
Bar code reading function      

Two lines of main display with 14 segment alphanumeric display.
Pop-up customer display.
A Compact Flash (CF) card can be used as a storage device for sales data and to store
program data for backup.

Two serial ports for direct connection to a PC, external remote printer, modem for
connecting to main office, scanner for bar code reading, or slip printer to print guest

--Table control function       
Basic table control function is provided for small restaurants, cafés and bars. External
printer can be configured for order or receipt printing.
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Dealer Prices and warranty
TE-2400 flat keyboard -  $379.00
Casio TE-2400
Casio TE-2200
TE-2200 raised keyboard - $369.00
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