With a User-Friendly interface and 60
programmable Speed Keys,
the LS-100 can work perfectly in a
meat market, deli, supermarket, or
grocery store.
Many brands and types of Labels are compatible with the LS-100,
including Digi, TEC, Cas, & Kubota.
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Label Printing Scale

  • 60 Speed keys
  • 30/60 Lb. Dual Range
  • 1000 Standard PLUs
  • 1 RS-232 Port
  • lcd Alpha Display: 256 x 32 Pixels
  • 100-240V AC @ 50/60 Hz
Easy Weigh - Factory Dealer
LS-100 Cassette Loading
computing scale shown above.
Easy Weigh LS-100 Cassette Loaded high
speed thermal printing shown above.
The EasyWeigh LS-100 digital price computing scale comes with a universal power supply
LS-100 has an RS-232 serial port for connection to a PC or another LS- 100. Using the
serial port, the Easy Weigh Scale-Copy'" feature allows you to clone a scale in
approximately 30 seconds!
PX Series Checkweighing Bench Scale
Fast reliable battery and AC operated portion control,
checkweigher scale, great for outdoor or indoor, packing
plant, warehouse, shipping, counter service, & high
volume operations!
High speed weighing:  20 updates a second
6 lb, 12 lb, 30 lb, or 60 lb capacities
1/6000 Resolution NTEP
1/60,000 Non-NTEP
Large LCD display with LED Backlight
Small footprint design
Pound, Ounce, Kilograms, Grams (NTEP)
Pcs, % Weighing, Pound-Ounce (Non-NTEP)
Hold, Hi-Lo, x10 Accuracy Features
Great for Warehouse, Shipping, Receiving, Pizzeria,
Deli, Restaurants, Packing Plants, and more!
Key Benefits
Cash Registers
with Port $345.00

w/o Port $200.00
PC-100 Price Computing Scale
30/60 lb Dual Range
Optional POS Interface
Direct PLU keys
Bright VFD Displays
Also available in LED
PC Style AC Cord
6 Digit Total Price
Optional Fish Pan
Optional Wet cover
Key Benefits